Our Roses

The journey of a Rosesnboxes rose begins at our farms in South America, where for months plants have been nurtured under carefully and controlled climatic conditions.
When roses are mature, they are hand-cut and immediately immersed in a citric solution that is absorbed into the stems to prevent bacteria blockage and keep roses hydrated until they receive a post-harvest care.
Within 15 minutes after roses are cut , workers begin the post-harvest process according to Rosesnboxes specifications. Guard petals, foliage and thorns are carefully removed.
Bundled roses are hydrated for 10-24 hours and placed in cold rooms where their temperature is lowered to help them preserve during their journey.
Pre-cooled roses are packed in boxes and transported in refrigerated trucks to EL Dorado Airport in Bogota Colombia. From here roses are loaded onto air cargo planes and flown to Miami.
Once at Miami and after boxes have cleared customs they are taken to our facilities were inspections are conducted to ensure compliance with international standards and Rosesnboxes own specifications.